A Business Process Outsourcer designed to serve substantial growth, customer-based, tech, and new economy. Working with us will help you focus on the more critical aspects of your company.

What makes Medatlantic Teleperformance unique ?

Putting the Clients First

Medatlantic Teleperformance has made it clear that putting clients first is important to us and has helped us become a force in BPO services. We use an Advanced Guide to Outsourcing, believing that our services can be so much more than just that.

With all the amazing culture in our vicinity and the variety of different languages that keep us at the forefront of BPO in Morocco. Connecting with us, you will be able to feel our level of dedication and care.

Cost Reduction

One of the main advantages of Outsourcing in Morocco is that we offer competitive service rates. We offer a cost reduction of up to 157% compared to European providers for your company. We assign a quality manager and a coach to each project to ensure paramount quality in every interaction.

Advanced Recruiting

Finding ways to target qualified employees while reducing the timeline to ensure quality and speed in our recruiting strategies. We test all candidates and their potential with high-level core and skill-based assessments.

Trained Professionals

Our dedicated agents are fluent in a wide range of languages such as English to Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Arabic. They are also experienced sales teams. Your brand and/or niche is important and we intend to preserve those aspects of your business. Our Medatlantic Teleperformance coaches work closely with you to get the necessary information to train a team of talented people that will ensure goals are met.